CNC Jobs To Sponsor Knapp's AMA Pro Superbike Effort At Daytona


Robert Lawson President of CNC Jobs LLC

With just about every element surrounding motorcycles from production to racing involved with "High Performance Manufacturing," it was a natural venue to promote and market the CNC Jobs brand. (

Veteran rider Taylor Knapp #44 ( will be leaving KTM to race for TOBC and along with that will be flying the CNC JOBS colors as well.

Professional motorcycle racing is not new to the founder and partner of CNC Jobs, Bob Lawson. During the late 80’s and early 90’s, Lawson Associates was heavily involved as a Sports Marketing agency managing the careers of racing legends Doug Polen, and Jay Springsteen. In addition, the Lawson family also owned several high performance CNC manufacturing facilities machining parts for the motorcycle, automotive, aerospace, and agricultural industries.

Coming out of retirement in 2003, Lawson with his partner wife Melissa founded CNC Jobs as an employment source specific to the manufacturing environment. In 2010, Lawson’s son Blake joined the team as a full partner, and 5,000 placements later, CNC Jobs has now grown to be the largest and #1 employment source specific to High Performance Manufacturing in the industry.

This CNC Jobs racing effort brings it all together as nearly everyone involved with racing is touched in some way by CNC manufactured products, and where there are products, there is skilled talent being searched for or talent searching for that next career path.

DAYTONA 2014 will be the entry race for CNC Jobs as a primary sponsor, but already the motorcycle racing community has welcomed our involvement. In 2014 the plan is to race in all AMA Superbike events while putting together a more involved effort in 2015 when the Superbike class moves back to center stage.

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