The CNC Jobs team is dedicated to help companies like yours fill the wide range of manufacturing vacancies nationwide. We understand that the market often fluctuates and right now there is a major skilled labor shortage. 

When such a gap exists it greatly impacts a company’s production and revenue. Our talented team of recruiters are specialized in your specific industries so that we can reduce the stresses of machine down time as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Our leadership team consists of previous owners of machine shops & experienced recruiters who know the industry inside-out and backwards. When partnering with CNC Jobs you will be working with top notch headhunters that actually speak the language of manufacturing. 

We pride ourselves in the quality of candidates rather than the quantity and do not believe in the resume pusher model. We filter, test and interview each candidate prior to presenting them to our client companies so that there is no wasted time filtering through useless resumes.                                                                                   

Our outstanding leadership team consists of 4 generations of manufacturing & recruiting expertise. With over 100 years' of combined experience in the industry, we work together to ensure that the best possible match is made between both our clients and candidates. 

Blake Lawson
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The CNC Jobs team often frequents and exhibits manufacturing tool shows throughout the United States. In the past, we have hosted job centers at some of the largest tool shows in the world, such as industry giant IMTS (International Manufacturing & Technology Show). By attending manufacturing trade shows we are able to connect job seekers & employers much more efficiently and establish long lasting relationships with current and potential clients. If you are attending one of these shows in the near future let us know and we'll make sure to stop by your booth.