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How To Ace Your Next Job Interview

1.)  Analyze The Job Description. Make sure you know what job responsibilities the position entails. Does your resume reflect the skills and experience you need to perform the position? If so, Make sure this information is on your resume!

2.)  Research The Company. Just like researching a vehicle before purchase, make sure you research the company you will be interviewing for. Visit their company website and all social media pages to give you a better understanding about the company mission, products, and services. Employees are one of the best advocates when it comes to company values and culture. 

3)  Bring Copies of Your Resume & References. Especially if you are being interviewed by a group. You may even want to consider tailoring your resume for the specific position you are interviewing for. 

4.)  Dress for Success. I can’t tell you enough how important this is. Employers will be immediately turned off if you show up to an interview unpolished. Be sure to prepare a day before by getting a haircut and anything you need to have dry-cleaned. For men, wear a business suit with tie. You could also wear nice slacks with a sports jacket and tie. For women, wear a business suit or business dress. 

5.)  Bring A List of Questions. You could ask questions such as:

Why is this position vacant?

How many candidates have you interviewed for this position?

What is an ideal start date for this position?

Can you tell me more about the position and responsibilities?

What are you looking for in an individual to fill this position?

What are the next steps?

6.)  Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early. Showing up late may imply that you don’t value the interviewers time and that you aren’t dependable. 

7.)  Be Prepared To Answer Top Interview Questions. These questions include:

Tell me something about yourself?

What do you know about our company?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Why should we hire you?

8.)  Remember Your Body Language.  Sit up straight and try to maintain eye contact. You don’t want to seem fidgety or nervous. You want to portray confidence. 

9.) Leave Salary Discussion until the End. One of the biggest mistakes candidates make, is talking about compensation too early in an interview. 

10.) After the Interview, follow up. Be sure to send the interviewer a short email thanking them for their time. This would also allow you time to highlight additional skills and qualifications you have for the position. 

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