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The Light Has Never Been So Bright For US Manufacturing & Employment

It’s almost impossible to escape the negativity related to the recent Covid19 issues if you live in the United States.

This message is to look at the positives related to the heightened awareness we have as a result of Covid19.

As a leading employment source focused on the manufacturing sector, we are on the front lines so to speak, we are already seeing a surge of opportunities popping up nationwide.   Manufacturers that for the past 7 years have outsourced a myriad of product and part support, have immediately realized what a mistake that might have been.  Profit gains they have enjoyed, are now being diminished by lack of product from manufacturing facilities being shut down in foreign countries. 

Let’s face it, when the world was told Covid19 can survive on Stainless Steel, Copper, plastic, wood, glass, and even cardboard, the manufacturing industry was shocked to say the least.  Suddenly, every product manufactured overseas, and specifically China posed a threat to our physical well being.

That said, shipments to the US have been greatly interrupted causing shortages in nearly every aspect of our environment.  Some justified, and some not so justified.  For example, how many of us are aware of the fact 90% of the toilet paper used in the US is actually produced in Minnesota?  I don’t think we will be running out any time soon.

So why is the light so bright?  - Easy to answer, OPPORTUNITY.

That’s right, opportunities on all levels of employment.

Manufacturing – regardless of what products are made, availability of products/inventory are key.  Already we are seeing an increased demand in the US for manufacturing capacity and as a result we are receiving orders for more skilled labor to fill that added capacity.  Our OEM clients are already reporting increased quote activity on machinery and tooling to meet the increased capacity demands. More machinery and equipment relate to an increase in available jobs.

Raw Materials - In line with increased capacity of manufacturing comes the added need for raw materials to manufacture those products.  Obviously, those materials need to come from US providers.  As such we are also seeing an increase in talent requests from our steel, plastics, and petroleum clients. 

The Bottom Line - whenever manufacturing does well, the country does well.  CNC Jobs Inc. is already seeing a surge of new orders, and for the first time in the past 2 years, we are also seeing a surge of available candidates looking to take advantage of this opportunity.

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