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Hiring New Candidates? Watch Out For These 9 Important Red Flags

Hiring is a long and painstaking process. Well-executed recruitment strategies and hard work can go down the drain if you hire even one wrong candidate. It won’t just waste your time but also money.

1.     Bad Online Presence

People display their true character on online platforms. Review the candidate’s social media profiles and personal websites.

If you feel like their personality won’t be the right fit for your company or they are being dishonest, it’s better to stay away from them.

2.     Bad Communication Skills

Active job seekers are really good at communicating. They follow-up and show interest while communicating with you. If that is not the case, you may be dealing with a candidate who isn’t interested in the opportunity.

Other bad signs include candidates giving you incomplete information or requiring you to repeatedly clarify something. 

 3.     Money-Minded  

One of the biggest hiring red flags includes the candidate being obsessed about the perks and compensation.

You will discuss the salary with the candidate at some point, but if they keep going back to it constantly, take it as a warning bell. If money is the only factor that drives and motivates them, don’t schedule that second interview.

 4.     Bragging About Other Offers

There are two reasons why a candidate would brag about having other offers:

-        They are trying to leverage those claims to get a higher salary, or

-        They are not interested in the job

If they blatantly brag about other offers, chances are good that they will accept that offer. Don’t waste your time on them.

 5.     Long Commute

How far does the candidate live? It may seem like a silly question but those living closer to work make happier employees. Long commutes translate to high absenteeism, low employee engagement, higher errors, low productivity and declining performance. It might even affect their health.

Try to look for someone who lives near the office and you won’t have to worry about tardiness in the future.

 6.     Lack of Enthusiasm

If the candidates seem uninterested or bored throughout the interview, you can expect the same energy at work. Disengaged employees cost companies a lot of money. Moreover, they have to be constantly monitored.

Wait for a candidate who is passionate and enthusiastic about the position and the company.  

 7.     No Research

If the candidate has no clue what your company does or the job position requires, you don’t want them. Have they visited your website, are they carrying an extra resume, are they taking notes?

If they aren’t well-prepared for the interview, there is no guarantee they will be prepared for the job.

 8.     Badmouths about Previous Employers

There is nothing wrong if the candidate didn’t get along well with their former boss or some co-worker. But, if they are venting out and complaining about them in the interview, it’s a major red flag.

It is extremely unprofessional to bring up such issues in an interview. There is also a risk that they might badmouth you and your company in the future in some other interview.

 9.     No Questions

The candidate asking questions at the end of the interview is a good sign. It means they are interested in learning more about the company.

If they don’t ask any questions, it indicates that they lack interest in the position or they aren’t inquisitive as an employee. Either way, it will be bad for the company.

Finding the right team member who understands your company’s values and culture is essential. Keep an eye out for these red flags during the hiring process to ensure you hire the right candidate.

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