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Top 10 Tips When Working With A Recruiter

Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes daily for various open positions. To ensure the process is as painless as possible, I have included some tips to consider when working with a recruiter.

1.       State the position and location you are applying for. When sending your resume for an open position, always include the position and location you are applying for in the subject line. If you just send your resume without any information, more than likely the recruiter will have no idea which position you are applying for and your resume may go unnoticed.

2.       Follow up.  You should always follow up after submitting your resume for a position. This ensures that the recruiter received your resume and gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have regarding the position you applied for or other positions that may be available.

3.       Understand that recruiters don’t actually work for you. Recruiters’ clients are not the job-seekers; they are the employers. Recruiters are hired by companies who need help filling a job opening and are seeking the best candidate for that job. More often than not, a recruiter will be more than willing to work with you. If you are not a fit for the specific job you applied for, a recruiter will generally try and find a more appropriate role for your skill set.

4.       Never lie on your resume. Education, length of employment, compensation, duties and responsibilities etc. 9 times out of 10, recruiters will always find out any misleading information on your resume when conducting a background check or reference check. It is very important not to guide the recruiter in the wrong direction from the start as this will surely have a negative impact on your job search if you do.

5.       Consider working with a recruiter that specializes in your field. Websites such as puts you in front some of the best recruiters from a wide range of industries.

6.       Apply for positions you are QUALIFIED for. When applying for a position it is imperative that you have the proper qualifications required for the job. If you just start rapidly applying for jobs without the right skill sets your resume will just end up in the trash bin. It is highly recommended that you thoroughly read through each job description to make sure you meet all of the job requirements as to not waste your time or the recruiters. 

7.       After submitting your resume to a job, don’t fall off the face of the earth. I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating this can be for both recruiters & employers to receive a resume, only to never hear from the applicant again. If you’re not serious about your job search, please do not apply for a position unless you fully intend on interviewing. If you back out after committing your candidacy this will hurt your chance at further opportunities with both the employer and recruiter.

8.       Let the recruiter negotiate your compensation package. More than likely when working with a recruiter they are the ones who will negotiate your compensation package. I am sure you are familiar with the movie Jerry Maguire and his infamous “Show me the money” phrase. It is true, the more money a candidate makes, the more money the recruiters make. So believe me when I tell you, recruiters know what they’re doing when negotiating your compensation package. It is equally important not to take advantage of this situation by becoming greedy as you could lose an offer altogether. When you tell a recruiter your salary requirements, make sure you give them a salary window and not exceed this window during the negotiating process.

9.       Let the recruiter know if you’re working with another agency. Companies sometimes use several agencies or recruiters to help fill their current vacancies. If you know you have applied for a position with a similar job description in the same area, please disclose this information. Being submitted twice will not help your odds, and may disqualify you.

10.   Keep in touch. Recruiters are constantly adding new contacts to their system. To stay at the top of the radar for future openings, make sure to check in every now and again. Not only is this building a relationship with the recruiter, but you will more than likely be called first when a new opportunity becomes available. 

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